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Really encouraged to see so many people starting to speak up about the issues on the official Star Trek Facebook page, and imagining the potential of positive change. The above is a selection of comments left on the Change.org petition for CBS and StarTrek.com to develop a comments policy to address the sexist, racist and homophobic comments on the Facebook page, and appoint moderators to enforce it.

Have you signed the petition yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

There are only 339 signatories to the petition so far — come on Tumblr — we can make that tens of thousands, can’t we?

PLEASE! Everyone go and sign this! So, so important!

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Dylan O’Brien and Ki Hong Lee getting distracted by each other at the NY Maze Runner premier (◡‿◡✿) *


The Scorch Trials - September 18, 2015


The Scorch Trials - September 18, 2015

Dylan gets lost in the Maze


please accept this while i work on my other au’s (and feel free to delete this caption it you reblog (: )


don’t idolize youtubers who think being male and popular on the Internet allows them to have 0 boundaries and get sympathy whenever something they do is shitty and abusive


"my gender identity varies daily. sometimes I like frilly dresses, sometimes I like pants"

personality. the word you’re looking for is a personality. frilly dresses don’t make you a girl and pants don’t make you a boy. this is a thing we like to call “self expression”.


how do people approach celebrities on the street like i can’t even approach a worker in a store when i need help

cute gender neutral dating terms for the signs 


Aries: dirt pile

Taurus: memer

Gemini: nerdlord

Cancer: ANGRY nerdlord

Leo: feisty young’n

Virgo: strategically draped piece of fabric

Libra: anime trash

Scorpion: le hawt nb yaoiz partner

Sagittarius: cutie patoot but also NEEEEEEEEERD

Capricorn: the coolest cat around

Aquarius: emotional wreck but MY emotional wreck

Pisces: avril lavigne fan